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Garret's Rod Shop Since 1999

Garret' Kitchen CEO and Founder.


 Garret Kitchen opened the Shop in the late 90's, but he has been building Hot Rods since the age of 14.  As a long time skilled mechanic and fabricator, Garret has turned his passion for creating works of art into a full-fledged business.  With the support of his wife Vikki and family, Garret's Rods Shop has been building some amazing cars over the years.  

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The Crew.

Vikki Kitchen- Office Manager

The Crew 

  • Vikki Kitchen- Office MGR.
  • Chris Hayes -  Paint and Body MGR.
  • Jason Stice- Fabrication dept. 
  • Scott " Sparky" Grenno - Paint and Body
  • Karl Schulman - Marketing / Sales / CAD CAM

...Still Running